• Dear Importer!

    One of our company’s main mission is to export into the EU.

    With orders in big quantities you can take advantage of the relatively lower produciton prices in Hungary, and through this you can introduce a much lower import price against the European average cake/biscuit prices.

    During import to the EU legal provisions, regulatinos should be taken into consideration. The Hungarian regulations are totally harmonized with these directives.

    Our products consumtion period varies from 2 days until 30 days. In import the packed products are the most recommended items.

    If you feel interested, please check our Price list (EXWorks pirces), Products (1. Decorated/Fancy cakes, 2. Cakes slices/buns/biscuits, or 3. Packed products). For more information please check About our company or contact us on the following phone number or write us on E-mail!